What data supports the compounds that make up VERSO?

There are two active ingredients in VERSO: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), and Trans-Resveratrol (most stable form of resveratrol). There are a number of human trials with resveratrol that show promising data. It’s important to pay attention to the administration method used in the study since resveratrol requires fat to be properly metabolized. The promising results for NMN are primarily focused on animal models, with the exception of a recently completed human safety trial that deemed NMN safe for healthy human consumption.

Where do you source ingredients for VERSO?

VERSO sources globally and purchases raw materials based on specifications that meet our rigorous standards.

What is VERSO and what does it do?

VERSO is an NAD+ booster. It increases NAD+ and upregulates the consumption of NAD+ via NMN and trans-resveratrol.

Why should I take NMN instead of NR?

NR requires an additional step before it is converted into NAD+. When NR is taken into cells, it has to convert into NMN first, then subsequently NAD+. In addition, animal models show an increase in endurance only with NMN supplementation, not NR.

Why combine Resveratrol with NMN?

VERSO uses pure Trans-Resveratrol, not low quality diluted plant extracts common in other supplements. Combining resveratrol with NMN allows NAD+ to work even better than when NMN is taken alone. NMN converts to NAD+, boosting NAD+ levels, and resveratrol binds to sirtuins, and upregulates their demand for NAD+. 

Why are NAD+ levels so critical for aging?

NAD+ levels decrease with age and these levels are directly correlated with a number of age-related conditions and neurodegenerative diseases. A decline in NAD+ results in a decrease in energy metabolism, weakened DNA repair, and inefficient immune activation. 

Where can I see the batch testing of the VERSO bottles I purchased?

Click here for our lab test results.