When and how should I take VERSO®?

Take VERSO® in the morning, preferably with fat to increase the bioavailability 5-10x. Our recommended dosage is 2 capsules. However, results in animal models were dose dependent – the higher the dose, the better the result.

Can I take more than the recommended dose?

While the recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, you may choose to take more. Animal models show beneficial effects with higher dosages.

Can I give VERSO® to my pet?

We don’t recommend giving VERSO® to pets, however there are people who have given NMN and Resveratrol to their pets with positive anecdotal results – no side effects were reported.

Can I give VERSO® to my child?

VERSO® is best for healthy adults without underlying health conditions and not recommended for children – they wouldn’t need it anyway since their NAD+ levels are sky high.

Why should I take VERSO® in the morning?

NAD+ plays a role in regulating circadian rhythm and NAD+ has been observed to peak in the morning – therefore, it makes sense to increase NAD+ levels at times that coincide with natural circadian rhythms.